Mateu Perpinya

3d artists Aerial camera operators Art Directors Asst. editors Camera operators Commissioning editors Commissioning editors (casting) Commissioning editors (editing) Commissioning editors (image) Commissioning editors (video content) Computer/video playback supervisors Concept artists (vfx) Digital effects designers Directors Directors of imagery Directors of photography Post prod. supervisors VFX editors VFX prod. VFX prod. coordinators VFX Supervisors VFX technical directors Video-producers / video-journalists

Private Contact

Mateu Perpinya Pitarch is a director, aswell as editor and VFX artist. He is very fond of Blender + After Effects + other packages for offline editing. Has experience working in teams with Houdini, Maya and many other software packages. He likes to adapt the crew to the project at hand. For that he uses a network of talented professionals from different fields and different countries all in the same mind space and creative space, aswell as creative identity.



English: native-language
Spanish: native-language
Catalan: native-language
Vietnamese: fluent
3d artists, Aerial camera operators, Art Directors, Asst. editors, Camera operators, Commissioning editors, Commissioning editors (casting), Commissioning editors (editing), Commissioning editors (image), Commissioning editors (video content), Computer/video playback supervisors, Concept artists (vfx), Digital effects designers, Directors, Directors of imagery, Directors of photography, Post prod. supervisors, VFX editors, VFX prod., VFX prod. coordinators, VFX Supervisors, VFX technical directors, Video-producers / video-journalists
Preferred working area

We can work anywhere, currently based in Palma de Mallorca, but Saigon, Vietnam is a second base.
We have a very portable manouverable style inspired by living in Vietnam for a long time.

Accommodation options
Apartment, tipical mallorca house.

Experience & skills


Figuring out how this whole digital video thing works since I was 14years old filming my mates and me doing Parkour.
Soon started making money from making videos, had many mentors, been around many production houses and always been with a camera on one hand and a computer on another.
All film education legitness I can show is previous work I did.
Being lost in the south east asian jungle for 10years also helps getting rare filmmaking experiences and skills.

Experience abroad
Special skills

Figuring out things, methods and systems and ways of executing things.
Making quick 3D storyboards with blender.
Mapping cameras for VFX pipelines.
Build my own computers, so technical computer related problems shall be non-existent.
A lot of passion, very hardworking and aware of keeping ego in check from a long time ago. aka, 'can work in a team', actually.

Own equipment

Voigtlander f0.95 10mm
Voigtlander f0.95 17.5mm
Voigtlander f0.95 25mm
2x Nikkor pre-ai f2 & f2.8 35mm
Nikkor pre-ai 50mm f1.4
Nikkor pre-ai 135mm f2.8
2x Rokinon 7.5mm f3.5 (one old & damaged but provides a drunken effect)
Olympus 12-40 f2.8 (macro)

10mm rod rigging system & standard mattebox & many attachments and rods and handles.
Standard Tripod.

Anything more serious shall be rented.

Further references

I made commercials for many brands, from small local vietnamese businesses to big corporations working in Vietnam.
I worked with +100 music artists from different genres, mainly Metal, HipHop and Electronic music from all around the world.
Also have experience with cryptocurrency related businesses aswell as NFT's.

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